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Making Wind Power become a reality in North America - Making Renewable Energy an Easy and Safe Choice VSP is the producer of a complete line of small to mid-sized, electric generators and wind turbines. The only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete user friendly power system from capturing the wind energy converting it into electricity, storing it into a user friendly PORTABLE generator, then having the end user just plug in whatever they want to use the free energy they captured. This is an excellent alternative to a windmill. Now homes, farms, schools, businesses and even municipalities can produce their own power cost-effectively leading the way for the new generation of clean energy.
Whirlybird plugged into 225AH


  • Quick connect cables
  • Includes battery clamp cable, cigarette lighter plug, cigarette lighter socket
Charge Time with ONE Whirlybir
100% 75% 50% 25%

VSP-225AH 24 h 17 h 12 h 6 h
VSP-450AH 45 h 34 h 23 h 12 h
VSP-900AH 90 h 68 h 45 h 23 h

If you want to decrease charge time add another whirlybird wind generator and charge times are cut in half.
Subject to change without not

VSP-Whirlybird plugged into 900AH

  • Designed to be used to charge the VSP generator line
  • Produces 12 volts at only 100rpm
  • Start wind speed - 8mph - 1ah
  • Rated wind speed - 21mph - 5ah & 28mph - 10ah
  • Delivers 5 to 10 amps of power
  • Power regulated to 14.5 volts
  • 14 inch whirlybird ventilation system
  • No wiring involved just plug it in
  • Easy instalation just screw it on a roof
  • Multiple whirlybirds can be plugged into the
  • same generator to decrease the charge time
  • Dual bearing whirlybird for long life

Product Information and Specifications


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