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Power Hunt High Performance 12 Volt Hair Dryer

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Power Hunt Power Strip is required to operate (PNP-100A sold separately or in Starter Kit PNP-210AK)

A 30 amp rating and the ability to produce 200F air temperatures makes the Power Hunt hair dryer the most powerful 12 volt hair dryer available anywhere. Now you can dry your hair or defrost the windshield of your car in just minutes without inverters, generators or even a 12 volt lighter socket. Durable, compact and easy to travel with, the Power Hunt 12 volt hair dryer is at home on the road, water or in the wilderness. Equipped with a powerful heating element and high speed fan the Power Hunt 12 volt hair dryer produces airflow volume similar to 110v home hair dryers and is the only 12 volt hair dryer that really works.

How do Power Hunt 12 Volt Appliances Work?
Power Hunt 12 volt appliances use a patented power strip system that connects directly to any standard 12 volt auto or marine battery for access to high amperage current and your batteries full electrical potential. High amperage means high performance and Power Hunt 12V appliances deliver power and efficiency that lighter socket and inverter powered products simply cannot achieve. The Power Hunt power strip (PNP-100A sold separately or in Starter Kit PNP-210AK) can be permanently installed in your vehicle, boat, cabin, etc. or it can be keep stored away and simply connected when you are ready use. No Battery? No Problem! Power Hunt offers the Mobile Pack battery pack (PNP-160A sold separately) that allows you to use your appliances anywhere without a separate battery, power strip or wiring.

Power Hunt Power Strip is required to operate (power strip PNP-100A is sold separately or with Hair Dryer Starter Kit PNP-210AK)
  • Powerful 30 amp element produces air temperatures up to 200F
  • Receives power from any 12 volt auto battery using the Power Hunt power strip (sold separately or with kit PNP-210AK)
  • High-speed fan supplies high volume airflow
  • Great for drying hair, wet socks, gloves, defrosting windshields or just warming cold hands
  • Quality construction withstands rough use; slim design and folding handle makes storage easy

  • Model: PNP-210A

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