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Nocord EZ-Lug L-202-E

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Nocord EZ-Lug

Removing lug nuts is probably the most difficult task when changing a tire. The patented EZ-Lug, with its double socket design, eliminates the hassle of tightening or loosening lug nuts - even those that have been tightened by a mechanic or at the factory! Simply remove the hubcap, place the socket over the bolt, and the adjustable socket over the opposing bolt for leverage, and crank.

The EZ-Lug has a gear reduction ratio of 32:1. This means that for every pound of pressure you put in, the EZ-Lug puts out 32 times the pressure. So if you put in 10lbs of pressure to loosen your lug nuts, the EZ-Lug will be exerting 320lbs of pressure. The inner gears do the work and allow for easy removal of lug nuts that are just about any size nut.

Made of cast aluminum, the EZ-Lug includes the EZ-Lug unit, hand crank and size 17mm, 19mm, 21mm sockets. At three pounds, EZ-Lug is both easy to work with and after the job is done, you can store it in its handsome molded carrying case.

  • Model: L-202-E

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