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Koolatron 12V Mini Car Fan/Vacuum Cleaner

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Auto Guard With 7 Functions - The ultimate cordless helper for the home, automobile and even camping!


Imagine being able to vacuum your floor mats, jump start your car battery, recharge your mobile phone, fix a flat tire, and signal for help with a flashing red or white light - all with one compact unit.

Details & Specifications


Product Features
  • Vacuum Cleaner - Strong enough suction for Quarters and Marbles!
  • Automobile Battery Charger - Use as a power source to help restart a low charged automobile battery in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Power Supply - Recharges Mobile Phones, Radios, Electric Shavers, etc.
  • Air Compressor - Professional inflator over 250 PSI (18kg/cm2). Inflate automotive tires, basketballs, bicycle tires, inflatable rafts/toys, and more.
  • Flashlight - Powerful Spotlight, Bulb: 12V, 0.3A.
  • Warning Light - Flashing red or white for signaling and alerting for help.
  • Power Indicator
    - Green: More than 50% Power Remaining
    - Yellow: Between 50% and 30% Power Remaining
    - Red: Less than 30% Power Remaining
  • One year warranty

  • Model: AP02GS

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