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12 Volt Turbo DC Heater Rated at 50 Amps, 600 Watts

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US Made Polymer Composite Quartz 12 Volt Cab Heater

DC Thermal heaters are made to run for hours without any issues. The only limitations would be the power capability of the vehicle in which your heater is installed. A vehicle such as a golf cart that uses only batteries with no charge source, should not be ran continuously because of the drain on the battery. A vehicle with an alternator should be left running while the heater is on to maintain the battery's charge. The size and amperage of the heater should also be taken into consideration. A 12 volt-2500 heater for example, will pull 25 amps on high and 16 amps on low.

DC Thermals heaters are different from all others in just about every way. Our element is encapsulated in our own proprietary quarts tubes and caped off with our high heat silicone end lead. This process does two things...keeps the element from being exposed to the elements which prolongs the life dramatically, and virtually eliminates damage to the element from excessive vibration. Our heater motors are also mounted on our own shock absorbent motor mount material. We also utilize 4 reflector plates per heater to direct the heat out making such a small heater very efficient while using very little energy.


  • 12 Volt DC heater rated at 50 Amps, 600 Watts and 2720BTU's.
  • 10,000 Hour Polymer Composite Element developed exclusively by DC Thermal and our associated Engineers.
  • Vertical mounting capability.
  • Designed specifically for use in the harshest outdoor environments featuring our proprietary quartz encapsulated composite elements and high-temp silicone vibration dampers.
  • Vacuum Sealed Elements
  • 50% more efficient than standard alloy elements (same amps equals more heat)
  • Constructed out of T5052 Vinyl Clad Aluminum.
  • Available in NEW Black.
  • M.M.V.S. (Motor Mount Vibration System)
All DC Thermal heaters carry a two year parts and labor warranty which is unmatched in the industry. We stock a full line of repair parts for every model of heater we sell and we have a very short turn around on warranty work. Should you need service and your heater is out of warranty, we charge a minimal fee for repair plus parts. We have heaters in the field that have been running for over 20 years trouble free.

  • These is a 3 way switch, high, low, and off.
  • On Special order we can build any heater with a 3 foot, 4 foot, or 5 foot remote switch at an extra charge.
  • heaters come with a mounting bracket.

  • Model: S12-5000

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